a Junk Car

Cash In on Your Junk Car Today

Selling your junk car can be a profitable endeavor if approached correctly. Gather essential information about your vehicle: model, year, make, and condition. This will aid in meeting acceptable price points. Consider if valuable parts could be sold separately for a higher profit.  Comparison of quotes from different junk car buyers may lead to a better deal. Always guarantee a legal

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Towing a car

Step-by-Step Guide to Junk Car Removal

With society’s increasing emphasis on sustainability and the efficient use of resources, the disposal of junk vehicles has become a noteworthy concern. No longer is the abandoned automobile an eyesore that’s simply towed away—the process of junk car removal has evolved into a resourceful, sometimes even lucrative transaction for both the owner and the removal

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car buying

Exploring the History of Junk Car Buying in the USA

The junk car buying industry is as fascinating as it is functional, providing a pivotal service while adapting to shifts in both the automotive market and environmental regulations. With its roots stretching back to the very inception of the automobile, junk car buying has witnessed significant milestones and continues to evolve today. To those who’ve

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cash for a car

Basic Factors Affecting Junk Car Value

Selling a junk car may seem like a straightforward process: you identify a buyer, agree on a price, then bid your trusty old friend a bittersweet farewell. Yet, understanding the intricate web of factors that cocoon a car’s value can help sellers make informed decisions that could significantly pad their pockets. For both newbies shedding

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Our cash for cars tow truck

Benefits of Using a Cash for Cars Company

Are you tired of that old car taking up space on your property? It might be time to consider using a cash for cars company. Regardless of your automobile’s condition, you can sell it for some quick money thanks to these fantastic services. With numerous cash for cars companies operating in different areas, you could

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Cash For Cars

Tips for Selling an Old Used Vehicle

Selling an old used car or truck can be a difficult task. Whether you are selling your car to someone locally, or trading it in for cash, there are many things that need to be considered. This post is all about getting cash for cars quickly and easily without the headache of dealing with advertisements

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Cash for Cars

How do I get rid of a junk car

Getting rid of a junk car is a tough thing to do – unless you have the right equipment for the job. The one thing you need is a truck to  tow the junk car away. Well, we have both the right truck and the right place for your junk car. Not only that, but

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Who buys junk cars near me?

There are countless places where you can find someone to buy your junk car – and we’re one of them. And not only do we buy cars, but we buy any type of car you may have. Do you have a junk car you need to get rid of? We can pick it up and

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We buy cars sign.

Where can I sell my car?

Do you want to sell your car? We can take care of everything at Tony’s Auto Removal. We buy any car that has four wheels: used, unwanted, and junk cars. And, do you know what else? You don’t have to worry about where you’re going to sell it – because we’ll come to you and

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a woman gives cash to a man when for car

We Buy Junk Cars

A junk car is a vehicle that is old or has serious damage. It might be missing parts such as the transmission, tires, or motor and it is impossible to drive the vehicle. No one wants to buy that car, the dealership won’t take it as a trade-in, and the cost of repairing your vehicle

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cash for cars truck

How can I sell my junk car?

At Tony’s Auto Removal, selling your junk car is as easy as one, two, three. First, give us a call. We’ll spend a little time talking about your car. That way, we can price it right. Second, we’ll name the price. We’ll be upfront about it and try to give you the best number we

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The girl sits at the broken car

Where can I sell my broken down car?

If you want to sell your car, you’re at the right place. Tony’s Auto Removal is a local cash for junk cars business that will pay you more than any other for your car. No fees, no commissions, and no pickup charge. We tell you how much, arrange a date, and drive to pick up

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Tony's Auto Removal Tow Truck

What places buy junk cars?

There are a few places that will buy junk cars: for example, salvage yards and junkyards. More often than not, these businesses will pay you cash for your car and then salvage the good parts. Certain places will try to fix the car and resell it. If you’re looking for a place to sell your

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buying car

Junk Car Buyers Near Me

If you’re looking to free up space on your driveway by disposing of your junk car, but you don’t know of any junk car buyers, worry no more as there are many options. Disposing of your vehicle to a reputable and efficient cash for junk cars business like Tony’s Auto Removal will guarantee you the

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Getting Money For Selling Car

Who pays cash for junk cars?

At Tony’s Auto Removal, we pay cash for junk cars. It doesn’t matter how beaten up your car is – we’re more than happy to buy it from you. How can you sell your junk car for cash? Give us a call at 800-494-3808. We’ll ask you a couple of questions and then tell you

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The fleet

Who buys used cars near me?

If you’re looking to sell your car, you’re at the right place. At Tony’s Auto Removal is a cash for cars company and we’re more than happy to go and pick up your used car – and pay you the right price for it. And, more importantly, we’ll take care of the little details for

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Wrecked Car

What Kinds of Cars Do We Buy?

One common question we get is from our customers wondering if we will buy their vehicle even if it doesn’t work. The answer is yes. We buy cars in all conditions – including working condition. Your car could be working just find but you might just be tired of looking at it or need extra

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towing away car

How do I get rid of an old car?

When you see your car is not anymore roadworthy, that doesn’t mean you can’t get any cash for it. It’s not a matter of how old or run down your car is, you can get money from it. There are a lot of options to get rid of your junk car. Now you have to

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Towing away the car

3 Benefits to Using a Cash for Cars Company

If you have an old car that no longer works and is just taking up space on your property, it makes sense to consider a company that gives cash for cars. There are various Cash for Cars Company located everywhere. If you find this type of company in your area, you should consider yourself lucky

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Man with car

Don’t Waste Your Time, Sell Your Vehicle To Us

If you have a cherry red Corvette or a dingy dirty Ford escort, you can still get cash for your car fast and easy. It doesn’t matter what your car looks like or what kind of condition it is in, you can still get cash for it. The beauty of working with a cash for

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Recycling cars

Tony’s Auto Removal is a Green Company

As a company, we understand how important it is to be a green business to help preserve the Earth’s resources. That’s why we only use bio-diesel in all of our trucks. This is also why it is best to recycle your vehicle instead of leaving it out to the elements. When we take a vehicle

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cash for junk cars phoenix

3 Step to Recycling a Vehicle in Portland

You might think you will have to pay to have your vehicle hauled off if it gets to the point where it is no longer safe for the road. This is simply not true. If it’s time for your vehicle to be recycle, we are a cash for cars company, we’ll buy your car and

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