Tony’s Auto Removal is a Green Company

As a company, we understand how important it is to be a green business to help preserve the Earth’s resources. That’s why we only use bio-diesel in all of our trucks. This is also why it is best to recycle your vehicle instead of leaving it out to the elements. When we take a vehicle in with our tow trucks, if it’s a parts vehicle, we’ll take out all of the very best parts. Those parts are then inspected and if they’re in good condition, they could be reused in other vehicles.

Our cash for junk cars company will then will recycle everything else that we can so that your vehicle could end up creating other vehicles, household products, or even building materials. You never know where the vehicle will end up but it could likely end up in pieces all over the world. This is much better for the environment because it prevents new resources from being used to create these things. Instead, your old junk car will be able to be reused in different ways.

These are just a few things to keep in mind. When you contact us, you are contacting a company that cares about the environment and uses the best environmental practices when it comes to recycling and using green fuel. We strive to be the best cash for cars business we can be. With us, your vehicle will be in a better place plus we’ll pay you cash for it quick. Contact us today should you have any questions about our methods or about selling your vehicle. We are here to help.

Recycling cars