How Does It Work

What is the Cash For Cars Process Like?

Basically, you contact us to let us know you have a car you’d like to sell. When you contact us, we’ll ask a few questions about the car and then give you a price for the vehicle. We will also work with you to come up with a time to pick up the car. We will then go to wherever the vehicle is to pick it up and deliver the cash. Call us at 503-286-4405 to get started!

What is Your Service Area?

We buy cars throughout Oregon and Washington and Arizona. We have two locations to serve you.

What Do You Do With The Cars?

Many times our customers want to know what exactly we plan to do with their vehicle. If the car you sell us is in perfectly good condition, then the car will be fixed up and resold. If the vehicle is in poor condition, then we take out the best parts that could be used in other vehicles and we recycle everything we can of the rest of the car.

Would I End Up With More Money For The Vehicle If I Donated It Instead?

In 2005, the donation laws concerning vehicle donations changed drastically. It is much less likely you will end up with more money by getting a tax deduction then if you sold the car outright to a junk removal company. Instead of being able to declare the full Kelly Blue Book value as a tax deduction, you will now really only be able to declare the amount the non-profit organization gets for the car. If the car is sent to an auction and goes for $400, you’ll only be able to claim a tax deduction of $400. The better way would be to get cash paid to you directly for your vehicle.

Anything Else I Should Know?

It is a good idea to make sure you get everything out of the vehicle you’d like to keep. CDs, important papers, car seats, anything you’d like to keep should be removed so that it doesn’t get taken away with the car.