How do I get rid of an old car?

When you see your car is not anymore roadworthy, that doesn’t mean you can’t get any cash for it. It’s not a matter of how old or run down your car is, you can get money from it. There are a lot of options to get rid of your junk car. Now you have to choose what option is the best for you. Follow the methods below for great ideas about how to get rid of your old junk car no matter what condition your car is.

Firstly, you have to think about the options to get rid of your old junk car.

Do you want to sell it as quickly as possible?

Are you willing to put in some time and push to get more cash from the old car?

Are you willing to donate the car?

Do you have the space to store the car until it sells?

See the value of your old junk car online: See the Kelley Blue Book website, and different sites like,, or Edmunds to check what price your car is selling or trading. From here, you can get the best price of your car.

Get all your paperwork all together: You’ve got to have all the required paperwork to sell your car for legal reasons as well as for the satisfaction of the buyer.

To keep your car clean: Wash the car to give potential buyers a great first impression.

Contact with car dealer: To get the best money you’ve decided to trade in your car and to talk to a used car dealerships in your area.

Advertise your car: Advertise your car locally, and in as many places as possible, such as online classifieds like Craigslist,, Edmunds or Call Tony’s Auto Removal. Don’t forget to include pictures.

Do not forget basic maintenance:  You’ll need basic maintenance done to get the best price of your car.

Be safe: If anyone offers you, you need to call him or her. If the conversation is simple, arrange a time and place to meet him or her. Do not give out your address. It’s much safer to meet in a public place.

It is hoped that the article will be helpful to get rid of an old junk car. Or you can make it real easy on yourself and call us.  We are a cash for junk cars company and we’ll come to you, pay cash and take your old junk car away fast and easy.

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