What places buy junk cars?

There are a few places that will buy junk cars: for example, salvage yards and junkyards.

More often than not, these businesses will pay you cash for your car and then salvage the good parts. Certain places will try to fix the car and resell it.

If you’re looking for a place to sell your junk car, you’re at the perfect spot! We are more than happy to pay cash for cars in any condition.

And we’re more than happy to go pick it up ourselves too!

Who buys cars that are not running?

We do! At Tony’s Auto Removal, we buy any kind of car that you have parked in your driveway. Whether it is a used or unwanted car, beaten down or junk, we are buying!

And we’re more than happy to pay you top dollar for it.

You read that right: we want to pay cash for your junk car. Since it’s fair to say you don’t want to drive around in a junk car, we will also go and pick it up ourselves.

Ready to sell your car that doesn’t run? Call us at 800-494-3808 so we can get started.

Are cash for junk cars businesses legit?

We most definitely are.

There are plenty of cash for cars businesses that use dishonest tactics to try to get the most out of a deal – but we prefer to treat customers with respect (and pay them the best prices).

What we do is simple: we ask about your car, name our price, and pick the vehicle ourselves. We even take care of the transfer too!

What we do not do: change our price when we arrive, pay with checks or wire transfers, and have any hidden commissions.

It’s a cash for cars operation, simple and straightforward. That is the way we like to do things.

How can I scrap my car for the most money?

If you want to take the parts out of your car to sell them individually, you can. We advise you not to, though.

A lot of people think they can scrap junk cars for a living – and here is the thing: they end up with a lot of parts and little to no money.

Why is that? Because this business is, first and foremost, time consuming!

Allow us to buy your car. We will pay you top dollar for it. You will get plenty of cash – and, most importantly, save time.

Ready to get the most cash for your junk car? Call us at 800-494-3808.

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