How can I sell my junk car?

At Tony’s Auto Removal, selling your junk car is as easy as one, two, three.

  • First, give us a call. We’ll spend a little time talking about your car. That way, we can price it right.
  • Second, we’ll name the price. We’ll be upfront about it and try to give you the best number we possibly can.
  • Third, we’ll meet you wherever your junk car is, pay you, and bring the car with us.

That’s it! We are a cash for junk cars business that make the process simple.

How much is a junk car worth?

How much your junk car is worth (and, more importantly, how much you can get for it) depends on one too many factors to list them here.

The most important thing is this: the condition of your junk car – because, believe it or not, some junk cars are better than others! Year, make, and model are also important.

Don’t worry! We won’t play games or try to lowball you. When you call us (and you can call us at 800-494-3808, we’ll ask you about your junk car and give you a price right then and there.

Should I scrap or sell my junk car?

When it comes to junk cars and money, you can go one of two ways: scrapping it or selling it.

Most people would tell you to go ahead and scrap it – but we’re going the other way. Scrapping a junk car is a time-consuming hassle that may or may not pay off in the end.

On the other hand, if you decide to sell your junk car to us, you’ll know how much money you’ll get – and, more importantly, when.

It’s a done deal and a sure thing when you work with us.

When will I get my money for my junk car?

If you have decided to sell your junk car, we’re more than happy to buy it. You can call us at 800-494-3808, so we can get started with the process.

As you know, we’ll ask you a couple of questions about the car. Then, we’ll name our price for your car – so you can figure out whether it works for you or not.

After that part is over, we’ll arrange a time and a place to go and pick up the car. That’s when you get your cash for your junk car. It’s that simple!

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