Where can I sell my car?

Do you want to sell your car? We can take care of everything at Tony’s Auto Removal. We buy any car that has four wheels: used, unwanted, and junk cars.

And, do you know what else? You don’t have to worry about where you’re going to sell it – because we’ll come to you and pick up the vehicle at your location.

How do I sell my car?

If you want to sell your car, you can try to find a buyer, fill out paperwork, drive the car to the location, barter for more money, and then find a way home.

Or, you can bring your business to us – and we’ll take care of everything.

We’ll tell you how much we want to pay over the phone. We’ll pick up your car. We’ll take care of the title transfer.

You’re one phone call away from getting us to do everything to buy your car. Call us at 800-494-3808.

Will I get a lot of money for my car?

How much money we can pay you for your car depends on a lot of things.

As you can probably guess, we’ll pay more for a BMW in good condition than a beaten down Ford – but we’ll pay you good money either way.

And, sure, other factors come into play; we can talk about them when you call us at 800-494-3808.

We don’t know about your car just yet – but we know this: we don’t beat around the bush. We take the car and you take the cash.

No fees, no intermediaries, and no unnecessary steps. You get more money and waste no time with us.

Can I sell a used car?

At Tony’s Auto Removal, we buy your car no matter the condition. And pay you good money for it!

  • Are you trying to sell a used car? We’ll take it.
  • Do you have an unwanted car that you haven’t used in a while? We’ll take it.
  • Is it a junk car that you can stand to look at anymore? Yes, we’ll take it as well.

How can you sell your used car? Call us at 800-494-3808.

We’ll ask you a thing or two about your car and tell you how much we’ll pay you for it; you tell us when and where we can pick it up. That’s it.

Oh, and, one more thing: We pay cash for cars right when we pick up the car. We both get what we want right then and there.

We buy cars sign.