About Us

Tony has been buying and selling cars for many years, as his family has for generations.

Tony’s Auto Removal has only the best, most experienced staff on hand. This means you can be confident that the sale of your vehicle will go smoothly and the paperwork will be handled correctly.You won’t need to worry about anything, we’ll take care of everything from the vehicle transfer to the pick-up of the car. You only have to sit back and wait for our tow truck driver to come to your house at the agreed upon time.

As a local business, Tony’s Auto Removal is able to offer a good price for used cars in Portland & surrounding areas.

You won’t be working with a middleman. Instead you’ll be working directly with a local junk yard. This means you’ll get more money for your vehicle since you won’t have to go through an out-of-state company that will never even see your car. An out-of-state company will not be able to pay much for your vehicle.

We are a green company.

We use biodiesel in all of our trucks. We also recycle every part of a vehicle that we can. We will take out the best parts that can be inserted into another car and recycle the rest.

We never attempt to scam our customers.

Sometimes it is common practice in this business to offer one price for a vehicle over the phone and a much lower one in person. That is NOT how we operate. We will give you a price for your vehicle over the phone and then stick to it.