How To Buy A Car From a Portland Car Dealership

When you decide you are ready to buy a car from a Portland car dealership and get rid of you vehicle, there are quite a few things you should know before going in. It is extremely common for Portland car dealerships to try all sorts of tricks to get you to pay more than you should for your new car. Here are a few of those tricks and how to get around them:

Portland car dealerships want to make you feel trapped. A common way to do this is to make you wait an extremely long time when you are buying your vehicle. Many times they will say they are trying to find financing for you. One way to avoid this and paying too high of an interest rate on a car loan is to shop around for a loan on your own before you even show up to the dealership. Keep in mind though if you shop around at too many places, multiple credit inquires may lower your credit score. If it is taking a long time and you already have the loan secured, suggest leaving until the dealership is ready. They really don’t want you to walk out of the door before the contract is signed so it will make them have to give up this waiting tactic.

Portland car dealerships want to give you very little for your old car. Another way a Portland car dealership will try to trick you is to give you much less for your old car especially if you try to negotiate on the price of the new car before getting a value for the used car. A big way to combat this is to go ahead and sell your old car first before you even show up to our sell my car Portland company. We’ll give you cash which will give you more bargaining power when you show up to the dealership.

Portland car dealerships will flat out ask you to give them extra money for your car. Some Portland car dealerships are so bold they will ask you if you would be willing to contribute more money to the dealership for the car. They will try to make it seem like they just don’t make any profit and they need more for the car. Don’t do it.

Do your research before you purchase a vehicle. There are many places you can go on the Internet to research cars before you make the purchase. A few things to consider are the average cost per year for the car you are thinking of buying. Also, you should check into what others are paying so that you know how low it is possible to get the car.

Prepayment loan penalty are sneaky. If you do get a loan, one thing to look out for is loans that have a prepayment penalty. This means that if you pay your loan off early, you will have to pay an extra fee. You should never be punished for paying a loan off early.

Extended warranties are negotiable. A dealership will sometimes put out an outrageous price for their extended warranties and it is definitely something they can make quite a bit of money on. It is important to do research on this before you show up and make the decision to buy the extended warranty coverage. Many times a dealership will not tell you this but you usually have until the end of the original warranty to decide if you want the extended warranty coverage. Also, you may be able to purchase the same coverage from another dealership even if it is a different one than you bought your car. There are a few dealerships out there that will sell the same extended warranty for pretty cheap.

Hopefully these tips will be very helpful in preventing you from paying too much for your new car. It is already a big expense and you really shouldn’t pay more than you have to. Good luck and remember that our cash for cars Portland company will always buy cars with cash should you ever have an old vehicle lying around.