Cash For Clunkers Portland

We are a company that will pay you a good amount of cash for clunkers in Portland, Vancouver, Bend, Salem, and other areas around the Northwest. If you are seeking to sell your vehicle the easy way, you’ve found the right place to sell your car. We take all the difficulty out of selling a car. We will also buy any type of vehicle whether it is a broken truck, classic car, clunker, or your running van. If you’ve got a vehicle, we will buy it and pay cash. Many times we can come by to pay for the vehicle within a few short hours. No need to get it clean before we come either. Just make sure you remove all of your items you’d like to keep before we come. You can keep it muddy or dirty, we don’t care it if is in its best condition or not.

cash for clunkers portland
Do you have a yard like this? Call our cash for clunkers company to turn your mess into cash and reclaim your yard.

If you are unsure about how much you can expect to get for the car, you can just call us and we can tell you exactly what we are able to pay before we arrive to pick it up. We won’t try to cheat you out of money either by showing up with less cash then we quote over the phone, which many in our industry do. We tell you exactly what we can pay and then we expect to pay that much when we come over. Since we are a real Portland junkyard, we can offer more than most middlemen that don’t actually have a junk yard.

Also, we own a few tow trucks so we don’t charge extra for towing the car away if it isn’t running. We are one of the biggest Portland junk car buyers around for good reason. We are honest, we don’t charge extra for towing, we are quick, and we pay fairly for cars. If you could dream up the best company to sell a car to, we strive to be that company. If you’re ready for a quote, just give us a call at 503-610-3787. You can also always fill out our quote form online by clicking “Get a Quote” in the menu above.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about selling your car to our cash for clunkers Portland business. We are experts at this and we welcome any questions you might have. Thank you for letting us buy your car.


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