Finding yourself searching the couch for coins to pay rent? There is a better way to come up with the rent money and it won’t take long. If you have a vehicle you don’t want, we’ll pay cash for it. Our cash for cars Salem location is available to deliver cash to you and tow your old car away. Not many places will deliver money to you but we’re one of them.

The Cash For Cars Salem Process

Working with us couldn’t be any easier. You only have to contact us either online or by phone. While we have you on the line, our experienced team can give you a quote for your unwanted vehicle. Our cash for cars Salem quotes are very accurate and based on many years of experience. It is not our practice to give one quote over the phone and then a completely different one when we come to your house for the pickup. We strive to be the most honest cash for cars Salem business around and we don’t try to pull one over on our customers.

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As a local company in Oregon, when you work with us you are cutting out the middleman. So many of the other companies advertising in the area are actually located out of state without a physical location in Oregon or Washington. They instead will give you a quote for your car, pay a tow driver to pick up the vehicle, and then resell it to a local Portland junk yard like ours. This means you are losing out on money because there is a middleman and a tow driver that are making money off your vehicle.

Free Towing? Sign Me Up!

It can be costly to tow your car. If you get stuck on the side of the road with an unreliable car, you might think you will have to pay to have it towed somewhere. If you don’t want your vehicle anymore though, call us before you call the tow company. We will tow it off for free when we pay your for your car. You don’t need to waste any of your money. Call us instead! Our cash for cars Salem number is 503-953-2970.

We’ll handle all of the paperwork for you but just in case you ever need any information on the Salem DMV offices, here are the locations:

SALEM, OR DMV Locations

3809 Center St NE, Salem, OR 97301 >> Website
cash for cars salem dmv hours

4555 Liberty Rd S, Suite 300 Salem, OR 97302 >> Websitedmv info cash for cars salem