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If you have an old, beat up car sitting in your driveway, you might wonder if a cash for cars Portland company will buy it. You might not think it could be worth anything and that it might cost you money to send it away to a junk yard. Don’t pay for junk car removal, call Tony for cash for your vehicle. Tony’s Auto Removal offers exceptional cash for cars Portland service. Even the most beat-up vehicle is worth money and Tony will pay to tow your car away. Our company will also buy cars that are working just great.

Cash For Cars Portland Will Buy Your Car – No Matter The Condition

We’ll Buy ALL CARS – Running OR Not

Getting a quote with Tony’s Auto Removal is very easy. You simply need to call or contact us online for our cash for cars Portland service. We’ll need you to answer a few short questions such as vehicle mileage, type of car, and whether or not it is running. We can give an accurate quote once we know a little bit about the car. We won’t try to trick you at all either when it comes to getting paid. Others in the industry give cash for cars companies a bad name. We’d like to change that by offering a good fair price for your vehicle.

Tony’s Auto Removal always offers honest quotes for vehicles. Our team is highly experienced and professionals. We care about the details. For instance, our tow truck drivers wear a uniform. Our trucks use biodiesel. Contact us today to work with a local, honest business when you decide to sell your car for cash. We want to be the cash for cars business you rave about in Portland.


Cash For Cars Portland Service Areas

Tony’s Auto Removal serves many locations throughout Oregon and SW Washington including Portland, Oregon,  Beaverton, Oregon,  Tigard, Oregon,  Lake Oswego, Oregon, Vancouver, Washington, Salem, Oregon and much more. If you have a vehicle in Oregon or SW Washington, Tony is the guy to call.

What Do I Need to Get Cash For Junk Cars in Portland Oregon?

You might wonder what you need to sell your car today to our cash for cars Portland shop. You’ll need to make sure you have all your important things out of the vehicle before the scheduled time for us to come by such as CDs, papers, cell phone chargers, etc – anything you don’t want to lose. We’ll take care of everything else. We’ll tow the car (for free of course) and we will handle the paperwork.

Uniformed Drivers – Professional Staff

cash for junk cars portland

 How Does it Work To Sell Your Junk Car For Cash In Portland?

Selling your vehicle to Tony’s Auto Removal is very easy and in many cases we’ll be able to purchase your car today with cash. We keep money on hand to buy cars so the hardest part on your part will be to call us and that is not hard at all. We are easy to talk to and we’ve been in this business for a very long time so we’ll be able to answer all of your cash for junk cars Portland questions. So after you call, we’ll be able to give a quote for the vehicle over the phone. If you’d prefer to contact us online, that’s OK too. You can visit our online quote page and fill out the form to get an online quote. Once the quote has been offered, we’ll be able to work with your schedule to find a time to come by with our cash for junk cars Portland tow truck.

What Will Exactly Happen When The Tow Truck Driver Arrives To Pay Money For The Car?

When our professional tow truck driver arrives, the driver will give you the money and work with you to ensure the cash for cars Portland paperwork is done correctly. Then the driver will load up your car and take it to our local Portland salvage yard. As a local junk yard, you’ll be working with us directly and not a middleman which is important when you are selling your car. You don’t want to end up with much less just because you found a out-of-state company to buy your car! Especially when there is our cash for cars Portland company around. Call 503-610-3787 to get started selling your unwanted car, truck, van, or SUV vehicle.

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