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Auto Wrecking Portland – Portland’s Best Auto Wrecker

Tony’s Auto Removal is one of the top auto wrecking Portland businesses around for sending your vehicle to a local junk yard. We always pride ourselves on giving the best customer experience by offering quick auto wrecking Portland service. Our friendly staff will pay top dollar for any vehicle you are looking to send to the junk yard.

I had a car sitting in my apartment parking spot for over a year. The apartment building charged me monthly for the parking spot and I wasn’t even using the car. I called Tony and he offered me more for the car then anyone else. -AMANDA


Auto Wrecker in Portland Oregon

As one of the premier salvage yards in the area, we provide many benefits to those that sell a vehicle to us. We always offer free towing so if you have a car that no longer works, you don’t need to call a tow truck company to have the car delivered to our salvage yard in Portland. Instead, save your money. We’ll come by with our tow truck and tow it away for free. Not only will you get free towing. We will also pay you for the vehicle – no matter what condition it is in. You could get several hundred dollars or several thousand. It all depends on the vehicle’s condition, age, and type. We frequently pay the most for vehicles in the area and have built a really good reputation as a great auto wrecking Portland business because of our honesty and our friendly service.
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We Buy All Cars Especially Junk Cars

We love to buy junk cars. It doesn’t matter if it is working or not. In most cases, we will take the junk car and extract the parts that can be reused. These parts will go to mechanics which will use them to fix up similar vehicles that are fixable. The rest of the vehicle will be crushed and recycled so that it could be used to create new items like other vehicles or household goods. Sending your vehicle to our auto wrecking Portland business is a great way to help the environment. It is definitely better than having your car sitting around taking up space and being an eyesore. Sell your car today to our salvage yard and clean up your life. It is better for the environment and better for your wallet since we’ll pay you for it. Get a quote for free today simply by answering a few questions online or by calling us.

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