Auto Salvage Portland

Our auto salvage Portland company is ready and willing to pay you good hard cash for your SUV, van, car, or truck. We have extensive knowledge of how to properly purchase vehicles from our many years of experience so you can be sure that the paperwork will be handled correctly and that you will no longer need to worry about your unwanted vehicle after our auto salvage Portland business buys it with cash.

Auto Salvage Portland is a Licensed, Professional, Local Business

Most companies seeking to purchase cars on the Internet are in fact located in another state far away and will never, ever even see the car they are buying. Instead, they are looking to purchase the car from you for very little and they pay a tow driver they’ve never met to go to your house and to take the car to a local junk yard like ours to resell it to someone actually in the area. You can completely cut out this middleman by going directly to our auto salvage Portland business. This way, you’ll be working directly with a local junk yard and won’t have to settle for much less than you should for your vehicle. Also, we carefully screen our tow truck drivers to make sure they are the best and most professional instead of finding someone who will take the least amount of money without worrying if they are actually licensed to drive a tow truck.

We Offer Free Towing. We’ll tow your old car away for free. Don’t be tricked by others in the industry who show up and then ask for you to pay for the towing. You really should have to pay for towing.

We Will Pay in Cash. You should never settle for a gift card or a “check” that may or not be real. We always pay in cash so you won’t have to wait for it to clear the bank.

We Strive to Be The Most Honest Cash For Junk Cars Portland business Around. When we give you a quote over the phone for your truck, car, SUV, or van, we are really willing and prepared to pay you the amount quoted. We will never try to show up with less money and then demand you accept less.

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